Tomakovka Cast Packing Factory

tzlt zavod LLC "TZLT" is a new reliable partner on the market of egg packaging. TZLT is one of the youngest suppliers of egg packaging in Ukraine.

We have already gained the trust of many major egg producers in the country for the quality and individual approach to each client.

Our company is constantly developing its production technology and equipment in order to always meet the modern requirements in this field.

tzlt zavod2TZLT has a favorable geographical location being near the center of the country and has a good transport junction; the plant is on the highway Zaporozhye - Kropyvnytskyi.

These facts contribute to effective and rapid logistics what is important nowadays.

Egg trays are being produced on the vacuum-molding machine by Hartmann, Denmark. The annual enterprise performance is 80 million pcs, and the warehousing facilities can accommodate 6 million pcs of the readymade product. 

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The company produces 30-seat egg trays of two type’s №20 - 80 and 100 pieces per pack, №20TA - 120 pieces per pack.

Both types thereof are successfully used on automatic packaging lines such as Moba, provided that the egg tray №20TA was designed to be more effectively operated by the machine.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of technical specification 17.2-34893917-001: 2014.


Some basic requirements for egg tray are listed below:

Weight 60÷65 g
Length 310±5 mm
Width 310±5 mm
Height 47±1 mm
Humidity 7±2 %
Egg’s weight 66÷80 g
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TZLT egg trays constitute a high quality product that is constantly being improved and is not inferior to many other modern manufacturers. Our pricing policy is very flexible and you certainly will appreciate it.