«Advance Invest» company


Company «Advance Invest» occupies a leading place in sales of packaging for eggs in Ukraine. We cooperate with many poultry factories and supermarkets, and managed to earn a status of reliable and stable partner.

This reputation stimulates us for constant self-development, and responsible approach to the implementation of tasks. Join us and work with the best.

Our competitive advantages are:

  • The most comprehensive range on the market of Ukraine, capable to satisfy the most demanding consumers;
  • The stable high quality of products;
  • Quick and timely execution of orders;
  • Various packaging designs, which allows to draw the attention of customers and represent the product;
  • Individual approach to each client.

About our products

lotok trayEggs are one of the most fragile goods of the agriculture industry. In this regard, packing eggs is a very important factor, during the transportation and maintenance of these goods. Our packaging will help you to keep such a fragile product safe, and noticed at the store shelves.

Pulp moulding packaging is the most popular and reliable method of transportation and maintenance of eggs. In addition to protection from physical damage, this type of package provides hygroscopicity and air permeability, thereby keeping all unique natural properties of eggs.

This packaging is made of ecologically clean material and adapted for sorting and packaging lines. Also there is an option of multi-color printing on packages, which can give you more marketing advantages. There are many types of cardboard packaging for eggs, different in shape, design and number of cells.

eggtrayThanks to all of the above, this kind of packaging is the most common and takes 2/3 of the market.

Also our company sells packages of expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material combines the positive characteristics of cardboard and plastic: light weight, high thermal insulation, air permeability, aesthetic look. But the main advantage of this type of packaging is its cheapness. Due to simplicity in production and molding, packaging made of expanded polystyrene cheaper than other types of packaging for eggs.

This type of packaging is reliable, convenient and the most economically advantageous.


  1. Cardboard molded egg trays. 10
    • Length 270 mm
    • Width 270 mm
    • Height 47 mm
    • Humidity 5-8%
    • Recommended for eggs weight: 45-60g
    • Tolerance sizes: 1.5%
  2. Cardboard molded egg trays. 30
    • Length 310 mm
    • Width 310 mm
    • Height 51 mm
    • Humidity 5-8%
    • Recommended for eggs weight: 70-84g
    • Tolerance sizes: 1.5%
  3. Packaging for eggs of EPS. 10
    • Length 280 mm
    • Width 280 mm
    • Height 48 mm
    • Humidity 3-5%
    • Recommended for eggs weight: 45-60g
    • Tolerance sizes: 1.5%
  4. Packaging for eggs of EPS. 30
    • Length 320 mm
    • Width 320 mm
    • Height 53 mm
    • Humidity 3-5%
    • Recommended for eggs weight: 70-84g
    • Tolerance sizes: 1.5%