«Advance Pack» company

advance pack

Company «Advance Pack» started its way to success since 1990, and already has managed to earn the reputation of the leader among manufacturers of corrugated packaging in Ukraine.

By virtue of stringent quality standards and responsible approach to the implementation of tasks, Company «Advance Pack» was able to create a wide range of customers both in Ukraine and abroad, and continues to increase its sales.

Our priority is the production of quality products satisfying the most exacting demands, and maintains the image of a reliable and stable partner.

Corrugated cardboard.

At the moment in the sphere of packaging materials, there is almost no alternative to corrugated cardboard. This material is characterised by low weight and low cost, with high physical parameters. cardboardCorrugated cardboard is considerably superior to other types of cardboard in strength. That makes this type of packaging reliable and safe means of transportation.

Another qualitatively advantageous of corrugated cardbroad is the ability to create color printing. In our company you can apply color printing of any complexity on the ordered packaging. Thus will upgrade it into a drawing attention advertisement.

Accompanying goods to this type of packaging may be:

  • - inserts;
  • - gaskets;
  • - pallets;
  • - lattice.

Since the beginning of our history and to this day we produce products which can satisfy the different requirements of customers. Packaging of corrugated cardboard always been known for their ruggedness and reliability. With innovative technology of our plant, this kind of packaging can get a wide range of additional properties.

Depending on the specifics of your products, you can order packaging with additional protection from ultraviolet rays, high resistance to water, or the increased density of components.

You can put your logo and related information on the packaging, which will add promotion function to it. Our company provides individual approach to each client, to provide you with a product oriented to your market.

Product range

gofro-cardboard-boxesOur product range includes the following types of goods:

  1. Corrugated boxes oriented on food and alcohol products. Depending on customer requirements and needs, we produce the most diverse range of corrugated packaging with different type, size, and layering.

  2. Corrugated big-size containers for companies dealing with large appliances. We use multiple layered cardboard for this type of product. It increases strength of containers, which allows maintain loads weighing up to 500 kg.

  3. Packaging with advertising function. Packages with multicolor printing and/or special design, which can be used for storage of goods directly in points of sales.

Aims of company

our goals

Aim of our company - to do everything from us depending, to satisfy the needs of our customers in reliable and quality products from corrugated cardboard. We want, that our clients were content with quality of our products, and continued to cooperate with us during all professional activity, producing an image of successfully developing company with our help.

Our employees are always ready to give an exhaustive answer for your questions, touching packing materials, their order and delivery, and also kinds and assortment of products. Consultation of our specialist will help you, if you test doubts at the selection of material. In addition, our employee will count up the cost of your order and his delivery at once.

Public activity


In addition to the active financial and industrial activity Company «Advance Pack» also takes part in various public events aimed at raising living standards in their home region.

In connection with the growth of the industrial sector, ecology issues began to bother people of Ukraine. We placed tens of garbage containers for separate release of debris.Were organized citywide cleanups, where was collected more than 3 tons of waste with the aim of further recycling.

Company «Advance Pack» is proud of its products and regularly takes part in international exhibitions of packaging and packaging equipment, such as PackExpo and RosUpac. Participation in such events not only helps to attract new clients, but also is a great opportunity to share experience in this sphere. So it allows us to always keep track of new technologies in paper-pulp industry and keep evolve.